Do you need active, smart guys with burning eyes? Then we are hurrying to inform you that you no longer need to browse the social networks and ask your colleagues where to find volunteers!

Our volunteers perform the following functions:


Accomodation volunteer team helps in solving issues that arise when settling client groups during the period of your event. Accommodation volunteers work in hotels and help to arrange comfortable living conditions for guests and participants of the event.


Accreditation volunteers register all participants of the event and give them personal accreditation badges, giving them access to the venues of your event.

Arrivals & Departures

Volunteers meet arriving guests in the airport at the exit from the airstairs or at the entrance/on the platform, work at the welcome counter, assist in baggage collection, accompany guests from the reception counter to the car or bus.

Culture and Ceremonies

Volunteers help organizers behind the scenes and in the offices; they are also engaged in working with large groups of people (working with the audience). The experience of participation in cultural events in this group of volunteers is vast.

Event Services – EVS

“Work with Audience” volunteers are the face of the event. The “Work with Audience” function provides a warm welcome to spectators at the venues. The team of volunteers “Works with the audience” friendly welcome the spectators and other visitors of the event, they create a hospitable atmosphere.

International Relations

Volunteers of the “International Relations” function accompany musicians, heads of delegations, sports teams, etc. Attaches accompany persons to whom they are assigned, provide them with services and solve related issues during the event. Attaches begin to accompany the “object” from the moment of his or her arrival. Our attaches are efficient, patient, they have excellent organizational skills, nice personal qualities and high-level command of foreign languages.

Press Operations

Volunteers provide journalists with timely and accurate information, promptly solve any issues that may arise, and contribute to providing the world’s media representatives with all the necessary services. Volunteers of this function are engaged in many positions, such as helping photographers, providing content for websites, etc. Volunteers perform all their tasks in due time.


The efficiency of the transport system of the event will depend on the volunteers of this functional activity! Coordination of departure and arrival of transport, organization of the parking process at the venue are the main responsibilities that our volunteers perform.


Volunteers move around the site according to a predetermined route scheme. They help participants and guests to navigate between the pavilions and infrastructure facilities, making their stay at the event comfortable and easy.