The Måneskin concert in Riga!

The May 18th concert of the phenomenal Italian rock group Måneskin is being moved from Arena Riga to Mežaparks Grand Bandstand (Mežaparka Lielā estrāde). This will allow both to satisfy the great demand and accommodate a significantly larger number of fans, as well as to ensure an even more ambitious show than originally planned. As you know, this year the rock quartet Måneskin, which has become a worldwide musical phenomenon, are rolling out their biggest ever worldwide tour “Loud Kids Tour Gets Louder”, within which Riga is lucky enough to be one of the rare stops.

It’s really exciting that the summer will start with such a big outdoor event!


Those who have already purchased tickets do not need to do anything extra, as they will also be valid at the new venue.

On the other hand, for those who were unable to buy tickets, they are now available again in the entire “Biļešu serviss” (


With their energetic, raw and unbridled sound, perfectly combined with modern musical influences, Måneskin have brought rock music back to the top of the world charts. A band that, after a break of so many years, proved that, in the context of Eurovision, we can once again speak not only of a temporary glimmer, but of a global march of fame. Moreover, such a recognition has not achieved by a classic pop, but a rock band.


Måneskin is the first Italian band to achieve such worldwide recognition. Judge for yourself – on various streaming platforms, their songs have been played more than 4 billion times, 3 full-length albums sold in more than 40 million copies, 13 singles have reached the top of the charts in Italy and other European countries, receiving 6 diamond, 133 platinum and 34 gold certificates. Even the British and American musical society, which has always been a bit snooty towards foreigners, had to recognize the talent of this Italian quartet and include their hits Zitti e Buoni and I Wanna Be Your Slave in the UK top singles, and the cover of Beggin’ in the Billboard Global chart. This year, Måneskin has been nominated for their first Grammy Award in the Best New Artist category.


Måneskin were officially founded in 2016, although some members of the group were already known during high school. Vocalist Damiano, bassist Victoria, guitarist Thomas and drummer Ethan met and chose the name Måneskin or “moonlight” in Danish at the suggestion of Victoria, who is of half Danish origin.

Their sound is characterized by a combination of the music influences: a mix of rock ’n’ roll, rap/hip hop, reggae, funky and pop, all held together by lead vocalist Damiano’s soulful voice.


They started their musical career as buskers by playing in the streets of Rome, until in 2017 they entered the 11th season of the Italian version of the talent show “X Factor”. As a result, the 2nd place and the first serious concert tour, in which, despite still a young age and little experience, presented themselves very convincingly. Chosen, their debut single that was released during the show, boasted several million streams and views and was certified double platinum. The same title debut EP, released in December 2017 was certified platinum just two months after.

All the dates of their their first 21-date spring tour (February/April 2018) sold out in a few hours.

A little before then, in March 2018 the single Morirò da Re (three-times platinum) was released, followed by Torna a Casa (five-times platinum). These tracks paved the way for the new LP album “Il Ballo Della Vita” entirely written by Måneskin, which was released on October 26, 2018. The record made its debut at #1 on the FIMI/Gfk chart with four singles earning a spot on the Top Ten and, less than two hours after its release, it peaked to #1 on iTunes, cracking, just a day after its release, the Spotify TOP 50 with all its songs and hitting 1 million streams in less than 24h. Something unheard of for an Italian band!


Winged by the success of the album, in 2019 Måneskin goes on the Il Ballo Della Vita European concert tour, which, in addition to his native Italy, includes cities in Spain, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and even United Kigdom. In total, the band gave more than 70 sold-out concerts in 2019.


From late 2019 until spring 2020, the band lived in London where they worked on their music style and new material. As a result, in mid-March 2021 the second LP titled “Teatro d’ira: Vol. I ” was released and it again reaches the status of platinum.

While that, in early March, with the now well-known hit Zitti e Buoni Måneskin win the Sanremo Music Festival, but in May triumphs at the Eurovision Song Contest.

It is no wonder that soon a number of other songs from the album – I Wanna Be Your Slave, Caroline, Vent’anni – become award-winning singles. The video for the hit I Wanna Be Your Slave got 6.7 million views in just 24 hours, becoming the most viewed music video in 67 countries around the world.

Back in 2021, it became known that Måneskin began work on a third studio album, as well as about the upcoming world tour, which should cover both the Old and New Worlds. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the start of the tour had to be rescheduled from its planned spring of 2022 to fall, but now includes many more stops along the way.

The predecessor of the new album “Rush!” was the single Mammamia, followed by Supermodel, Gossip and current radio favorite The Loneliest. The album was released on January 20, 2023 and, depending on the region, includes 17 or 18 tracks.

The band members approached the material of this album very responsibly, having written about 50 songs – so that there was more than enough to choose from. Bass player Victoria reveals that they were partially influenced by Radiohead in the creative process, especially the sound produced by their guitar pedals. And frontman Damiano adds: “I think that the inspiration we got from Radiohead was to be very focused on creating a very specific world for each song. It’s something they do very, very well so we tried to create these amazing atmospheres. They really create an image of what you’re listening to, and that gave us inspiration.” We also learned from them that the song Gasoline was written in support of Ukraine in its heroic resistance to Russian aggression.

In general, the album was well received not only by critics and music professionals, but also by fans, as evidenced by more than 70,000 records sold in the first week alone and reaching number 15 on the Billboard album chart.