Sharon Corr, a member of “The Corrs”, will perform in Riga in October

On October 2nd, the talented musician, composer and TV personality Sharon Corr, known to many as one of the famous Irish poprock band “The Corrs”, will perform for the first time in Latvia at VEF Culture Palace.

“The Corrs” – a quartet of three musically talented sisters and a brother have created an impressive string of well-known pieces that are still in the rotation of many radio stations. And really, who does not know such hits of the late nineties and the first decade of the 2000s as Breathless, Radio, So Young, Dreams, Runaway, Irresistible, I Never Loved You Anyway, Only When I Sleep, What Can I Do?, Would You Be Happier?

In her concert program, Sharon Corr has included both the best-known hits of her solo career and, of course, a part of “The Corrs” golden fund.

Tickets in the entire network from March 1st, at 10.00am.

The career of “The Corrs” can be divided into three important stages – since the foundation in 1990 and until 2006, when the first 5 albums were released (the most successful of them – “Talk On Corners (1997)); then the period of time that musicians devoted to their families and solo careers; and finally getting together again in 2015, which resulted in 2 new albums. During all those years more than 45 million copies of the band’s records have beensold; several singles topped the charts and achieved platinum status; the quartet has received prestigious awards, including the BRIT Award and 2 Grammy nominations; and, of course, have performed countless concerts around the globe. The synthesis of pop rock and traditional Irish music, which is the signature of “The Corrs”, has proven to be quite popular and loved.

When “The Corrs” took time off to focus on their growing families, Sharon – while raising her own family – began her solo journey enjoying the freedom of total artistic expression. “Music is what makes me tick” says Sharon “it is simply who I am and what I do”.

As a result, three solo albums were released with a certain time gap – “Dream of You” (2010), “The Same Sun” (2013) and “The Fool and The Scorpion” (2021).

In 2010 she released her self-penned first solo album “Dream Of You” a collection of beautifully crafted, melodic gems, a remarkable debut that demands to be listened to in full – each story and melody flowing seamlessly into the next.

Her second solo album titled “The Same Sun” was quite a departure from the debut “Dream Of You”. The melodies are still flowing but the sound is much more stripped back and organic – allowing Sharon to sing from the heart directly to her listeners, creating an incredibly intimate setting and removing the boundaries of over production. Just like life itself the album is bitter-sweet in mood but the melancholy remains unpretentious and balanced. It is raw, unguarded, emotional and playful.

2021 marked the release of Sharon’s third solo album “The Fool & The Scorpion”. Driven by songwriting greats such as Nick Drake and Joni Mitchell, Sharon drew from a period of time she calls “the biggest storm of her life” for the album’s inspiration. As a result, the record is a cohesive body of work; a journey which centres on the desire to push on, to have faith and belief in yourself and your purpose. The 10-track album was recorded live in just 20 days at The Village in LA, with Larry Klein (Norah Jones, Tracy Chapman, Joni Mitchell) as producer. The album’s musicality highlights Sharon’s accomplishments as a multi-instrumentalist with over 30 years of songwriting behind her.

Sharon’s solo live shows have not only had great reviews but inspired and allowed her to blossom holding center stage which she describes as an incredibly powerful and fulfilling experience “I come alive on stage – it’s the only place where I feel totally and utterly myself! I love it!” Combining her solo repertoire with some of “The Corrs” hits and some traditional pieces – the set has the audience up on their feet, dancing and singing along almost from the start.