Slowday. Latvian start-up for hotel daytime bookings!


Do you need a safe place for a meeting, but your office is not an option?
Perhaps you need a place for a romantic date while restaurants and cafes are closed?

“As a result of the pandemic and the restrictions that have followed, our day-to-day lives have become quite boring, work has become monotonous, restaurants are closed, and hotels are almost empty. Yet the business still lives on! Our team of experts at has developed a platform that allows one to reserve a hotel room for the daytime based on location and preferences in just a few clicks. Our goal is to offer variety, make work or leisure more comfortable, as well as support the hotel and restaurant business in this difficult time,” says Slowday founder Artemijs Maliskovs.

Hotels now offer short-term rent of rooms, services, and meeting rooms for the daytime. is a new website that has started collecting all of these offers in one place. The concept is an excellent option for employees who work from home, but are sometimes in need of a conference room, or simply a location with an excellent internet connection and the possibility to print documents at the hotel’s business center. The prices offered via are significantly lower than standard overnight rates. Moreover, each reservation provides additional income for hotels, which have been hit hard by the pandemic.

The start-up company is in search of partners in not just Latvia, but all of northern and eastern Europe. You got reasons, we know places.
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