Canadian Jessia and Estonians “Around The Sun” will open for OneRepublic in the Baltics


Now the time has come to reveal that the Estonian band Around The Sun and the Canadian singer Jessia will support all the OneRepublic Baltic concerts (on May 18th at Kaunas Žalgiris Arena, on May 20th at Arēna Rīga and on May 21st at Tallinn Saku Suurhall).

Around The Sun have won the opportunity to open for OneRepublic concerts in a fierce competition of 32 Baltic bands and musicians, which was organized by Four bands entered the final selection of and music professionals, from which OneRepublic chose Around The Sun.

Around The Sun characterise themselves as indie rockers from Tallinn. They embrace guitar effects and don’t shy away from experiments with electronics. The band was established in 2016 and gradually started to gain popularity while playing on streets and participating at a row of competitions and festivals. To name few Noortebänd (the longest lasting Estonian competition for young upcoming performers and bands), Eesti Laul 2019 (Estonian Eurovision selection), Tallinn Music Week, etc.

Their music is dreamy with high-octane grooves, evoking positive emotions in people. Around The Sun collaborate with different vocalists, do joint songs and projects, and thanks to the musicians energetic live performances are erady to conquer the hearts of the biggest Baltic crowds.

All I Want Is U 

Around The Sun live 

Jessia, Canadian from British Columbia, gained a wider attention with release of I’m Not Pretty – selfwritten song, which she placed on TikTok. Currently the hit has reached almost 9 million views on YouTube and in April RIAA officially confirmed its Golden status.

I’m Not Pretty

Jessia started singing before she could talk and by the age of two, had already charmed a crowd at the local legion. With mom as a music teacher, she learned to play the guitar early on and started writing songs at the age of eleven. Graduating high school early to pursue her dream at University she attended music program majoring in vocal performance. Then she broke into the business by penning and performing toplines for electronic artists. But at some point she came to the realization that she likes to write and perform original songs more. The debut single was Tell Me, which was adopted by several platforms, including Spotify. But the real attention came with I’m Not Pretty, after which Republic Records soon signed a record deal with her. Thus, in the autumn of 2021, an EP “How Are You?” was released. As result Jessia received 4 this year’s Juno (Canadian Grammy analogue) award nominations.

“I want all of my songs to feel like you’re sitting down and having a cup of tea with me,” she smiles. “It’s very minimalistic. To me, less is more, and it’s really about the lyrics. I’m talking about my life and my friends’ stories. I’ll be on the phone with somebody and literally stop like, ‘Hold up. I need to write a song about this!’ That’s how it happens.”

Reminding that in both “Biļešu serviss” virtual ( and physical network continues sales to OneRepublic concert what will be held at Arēna Rīga on May 20th.